Planning Applications

The Parish Council discusses and agrees comments on each application at the monthly meetings.  These are submitted online to EDDC and published here.

If the deadline for comments falls before a meeting is due to take place the Councillors will agree a comment by email and ratify the comment at the next meeting. 

Exceptionally the Council may call for an Extraordinary Meeting if an application is particularly contentious.

Anyone can comment on any application.  To do so just click on the link to the application and follow the instructions to make a comment directly to EDDC.

Once a decision is made and notified to the Parish Council it will be published here.

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November 2021
Sidmouth Road
Change of use of 2no. existing, agricultural barns to 3no. dwellings under Class Q
Comments to EDDC by 15 Dec 2021
November 2021
Halfway Inn Aylesbeare
New equestrian shop within existing building with alteration to fenestration
along with new storage building, external parking, compound, landscaping and external works. Existing bridal boutique to become take-away food outlet.
New pet store and dog grooming building.
Comments by 28th Nov 2021
October 2021
St Andrews
Harp Lane
Conversion of two agricultural buildings to a single storey dwelling and
associated works.
Awaiting decision
Council comments -

Aylesbeare Parish Council makes the following observations –

1  The Planning Statement wrongly refers to the building being of timber construction when discussing biodiversity this should be rewritten and issue of bats etc reconsidered. 

2  The bedroom windows need to be extended downwards and will need to be fully openable fire escape windows.

3  The Council trusts that the Planniners will ensure that the exit of the property onto Harp Lane will have sufficient visibility (with a mirror being installed if necessary). 

4  The Council hopes that sufficient access will be made for any lorries or tankers that need to deliver oil, gas or similar so that the junction with the A3052 does not become a safety issue due to stationary vehicles.  Furthermore, the Council hopes that the heating will be as green as possible.

5  The Council hopes that the Planners will impose a condition that the dwellings are not to be used for Air BnB or as holiday homes.

August 2021
Livermore Farm
Variation of condition No. 2 (approved plans) of planning permission ref:
Approved  24 Nov 2021
Council comments -
Whilst Aylesbeare Parish Council broadly supports this application the Council is concerned that the effects on the adjacent property do not appear to have been fully discussed with the neighbours.  
The Parish Council would also hope that applicants would normally seek approval before making changes rather than presenting a fait accompli.
August 2021
Joneys Cross Car Park
Hawkerland Colaton Raleigh
Amended car park improvements
28 Oct 2021
Council comments -  Aylesbeare Parish Council supports this application.
July 2021
Houndbeare Farm Rockbeare Hill
Conversion of two redundant agricultural buildings for storage use (Use Class
B8) and/or light industrial use (Use Class E.g.iii), change of use of external
yard area for storage use (Use Class B8) and improvements to existing
28 Oct 2021
Council comments -

Aylesbeare Parish Council is concerned about the significant increase in vehicle movements which will result if this application is approved.  The quickest route from the property to the A3052 is via Quarter Mile Lane which is of limited width with poor visibility, inadequate junctions and few passing places and most unsuitable for any increase in traffic, especially larger vehicles.

It appears that the property would become a self-storage area with shipping containers.  Aylesbeare Parish Council has many concerns about such a proposal.  The Self-Storage Industry is entirely unregulated and little or no control can be exercised over what goes into these containers. A large percentage are used by small businesses (i.e. Painters & Decorators, Industrial Cleaners, etc.) and thus any number hazardous materials (toxic, flammable etc) can find their way into them. Any spillage from this location could ultimately find its way into local water courses.

Light pollution is also of concern; such a facility would invariably require security and access lighting and this would need to be 24 hour, disturbing not only nearby residents but also native nocturnal wildlife.  This area is characteristically one of the darkest parts of the local countryside.  There are owls and bats resident in the area. 

This area provides habitat to a range of native wildlife.  With its proximity to nearby protected sites, the possibility of significant species on or near the development cannot be ruled out.

All of these would be disturbed by activity(noise, lighting & vehicle movements) commensurate with the operation of such a facility.

In conclusion, Aylesbeare Parish Council cannot support this application for the reasons given.



July 2021
Minchin Cottage
Minchin Lane
Minor alterations to of outbuilding to convert to ancillary use
16 Sept 2021
Council comments -

Aylesbeare Parish Council hopes that the Planning Authority will restrict the use of this application to ensure it will not be used as an Airbnb without further permission- a utility/exercise room/shower and store could very easily be used as a self-contained annexe.  

There is no mention of the double-glazing units/doors being used – the Parish Council hopes these will not have white surrounds.

Will you be able to open the door above the double garage?  There is no barrier to prevent people from falling out in which case how will the wooden door cover be operable?  Looks like the door will just be left hooked back.

Will this glazed door overlook surrounding properties?

As the area behind the existing doors is called an external store what’s stopping flammable liquids etc being stored here?  Are there rules preventing this or any building regs to ensure that the walls and ceiling have a suitable fire-resistant rating such as A60 (Resist heat & smoke for 60 minutes) or A30 plus fire-/smoke-detectors in the store area to sound in spaces above? 

July 2021
Great Houndbeare Farm 
Siting of a storage container ancillary to the solar farm.

Approved 20th August 2021

Council comments -

Aylesbeare Parish Council has no comments to make regarding this application.

July 2021
Barton Farm Village Way
Conversion of agricultural building into 2 No. two storey, 2-bed semi-detached
dwellings with associated access, parking and amenity space

27th Sept 2021

Council comments -

Aylesbeare Parish Council stands by the comments made on the 2 previous application to convert this property -

Dec 2020 - Aylesbeare Parish Council is concerned about the safety for vehicles,cyclists and pedestrians as the entrance/exit to this part of the development has limited visibility and no splay is planned.
The Council also hopes that the driveways for these new properties will be made with permeable paving (as specified for the first phase of the development).  If not, the drainage of surface water could easily become an issue for the properties of Church Close who have experienced flooding in their back gardens due to surface water draining from the existing farm premises.

Apr 2021 - Aylesbeare Parish Council wishes to point out the following regarding this application :
Transport & Highways - the wall on the old dairy adjacent to Village way is moved 1m to the west to increase visibility display therefore Highways need to inspect and confirm that the visibility is safe to use from this entrance.
Flooding - There is no reference to how rain water run-off will be dealt with, as if this is a separate development will not be included in the already approved system.  What will the drive surface be?  This will affect whether water runs off or soaks away.
Furthermore, there is no report from SW water ref the local sewage treatment plant stating if this can handle this extra load and if not what system will be installed to handle this waste and where it will discharge into.  There is no low-cost housing in this development or 20/0228/Ful or such "green" items as solar panels, or rain water collection systems for use in flushing toilets.

 In addition to the above Aylesbeare Parish Council is concerned that there is insufficient parking (one space per dwelling) and no space for the recycling bins.  The Council does not agree with the applicant’s assertion that Aylesbeare has a ‘sustainable’ bus service with only one bus per day that leaves mid-morning (10:54am), returns in the early afternoon (2:58pm) and is often cancelled.