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The Parish Council discusses and agrees comments on each application at the monthly meetings.  These are submitted online to EDDC and published here.

If the deadline for comments falls before a meeting is due to take place the Councillors will agree a comment by email and ratify the comment at the next meeting. 

Exceptionally the Council may call for an Extraordinary Meeting if an application is particularly contentious.

Anyone can comment on any application.  To do so just click on the link to the application and follow the instructions to make a comment directly to EDDC.

Once a decision is made and notified to the Parish Council it will be published here.

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May 2022
Rosamondford Farm
Perkin's Village
Prior notification for the conversion of agricultural barn to residential (permitted development rights Q class) Comments to EDDC by 21 June 2022
Council comments -
The Parish Council has sought an extension to its consultation to discuss at the July meeting.
May 2022

Land At Marsh Green Farm
Marsh Green

Ford Oaks Solar Nature Project
Construction and operation of a ground mounted solar farm and associated landscaping and ecological habitat, with permission being required for 40 years, comprising solar arrays, equipment housing, sub-station, fencing, ancillary equipment and associated development; temporary change of use of land for construction compound (off site)
Awaiting decision
Council comments -

Aylesbeare Parish Council broadly supports this project because of the need for generation of renewable energy and the need for farms to diversify.  Aylesbeare Parish Council also supports the significant level of biodiversity and the amount of land given to wildlife and nature.  However, the Council does have significant concerns which it hopes the Planners will address.  They are:-

 Construction phase

The route planned for the goods to arrive on site follows roads that flood frequently due, in part, to old drains that regularly get damaged.  Aylesbeare Parish Council is concerned that road surveys will only address the surface of the route to and from the compound near the airport.  The Council believes that a camera survey of the drains should be required before and after the project to ensure that the drains are left in as good or, hopefully, better condition after the construction has finished.

The project will inevitably lead to mud being left on the public highways of the transport route.  Aylesbeare Parish Council hopes that the Planners will include a condition that the roads are suitably cleaned immediately after use to avoid this obvious accident risk.

The hard surfaces throughout the project (including the lanes will need drainage that does not rely on percolation as the soil is clay.

The road to be used does have a DCC Highways sign saying “Unsuitable for HGVs”.  Aylesbeare Parish Council trusts that the roads will be made suitable for the heavy construction traffic without damage to Devon banks and hedgerows leaving a permanent benefit for the community.

Aylesbeare Parish Council hopes that, should the project go ahead, Highways will take the opportunity to impose a sensible speed limit on Marwood Road which is continually used as a high-speed ‘rat run’ by commuters and delivery drivers.

The Parish Council also hopes that consideration is given to the possibility of a vehicle breakdown during a convoy.  This would surely block the road and arrangements for rapid recovery should be made.

Once the construction is complete Aylesbeare Parish Council hopes it will be a condition to restore the area to original conditions wherever possible.


The footpath from which a viewpoint is given in the plans is marked incorrectly on the map – the view in reality will be almost completely of PV panels on the actual path.

The tree shielding that is planned will need planting with semi-mature trees rather than whips as it will take a decade or more before the whips provide an acceptable level of shielding.

The water attenuation will be fundamental to the success of the site in a locality where flooding is common.  Footpath 7 towards Aylesbeare, Marwood Road, Marsh Green play area and many other smaller areas flood easily.

The Landscape areas in Aylesbeare have been reduced from earlier (unsubmitted) plans.  These areas will be needed as the hedgerows are in 3rd party ownership.

The fencing of the panelled fields will need to allow wildlife passage between the fields.  Aylesbeare Parish Council hopes such fencing is compatible with sheep grazing.

Aylesbeare Parish Council hopes the Planners are satisfied that enough consideration has been given to the SSSI only one field to the east away from the project boundary.

Aylesbeare Parish Council trusts that the Planners will place conditions that, should the PV panels be removed after the 40-year life of the project that the then owners must return the site to agricultural use only.

Aylesbeare Parish Council had hoped that the applicants would give firmer details of the Community Benefit Fund including an approximate amount of funding and specifications of the uses to which it can be put.

Finally, Parish Council is surprised that the RSPB has not been consulted by EDDC on this major project and there are no details of consultation with the gas transmission company as a high-pressure gas main runs directly across the site.