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Feb 2021
The Old School House
24 Village Way
Construction of two storey extension (revision to 11/2471/FUL)Comments by 12th Mch 2021
21/0142/FULFeb 2021
Land to the west of B3180 between Tatry and Panorama, West HillErection of new dwelling and construction of public footway adjacent to the B3180Comments by 3rd Mch 2021
21/0300/FULFeb 2021
3 Withen Cottages
Withen Lane
Demolition of existing shed and construction of new garage.Awaiting Decision

Council comments:  Aylesbeare Parish Council has no objection to this application.

20/2786/PDQDec 2020
Barton Farm Village Way
Aylesbeare Exeter
Prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to 3 no
larger dwellings and 1 no smaller dwelling (Use Class C3) and associated
operational development under Class Q(a) and Q(b).
Withdrawn 15th Feb 2021

 Council comments: Aylesbeare Parish Council is concerned about the safety for vehicles,cyclists and
                                 pedestrians as the entrance/exit to this part of the development has limited visibility and no
                                 splay is planned.
                                 The Council also hopes that the driveways for these new properties will be made with
                                 permeable paving (as specified for the first phase of the development).  If not, the drainage of
                                 surface water could easily become an issue for the properties of Church Close who have
                                 experienced flooding in their back gardens due to surface water draining from the existing farm

 20/2498/FUL Dec 2020
Perkins Village
Proposed machinery storeAwaiting Decision
  Council comments:  Aylesbeare Parish Council is concerned about this application because of the adjacent
                                   footpath and the drainage.                            

                                   Footpath no.2 runs behind the proposed building and is not shown on the maps submitted
                                   with the application.   Aylesbeare Parish Council would like confirmation that the Public Right
                                   of Way will not be affected by this new building.

                                      The drainage proposed is to be soakaways. The site is on top of a bank and footpath 2 where it joins
                                      the road normally has a large puddle adjacent to it.
  The gate into the farmyard (between the chicken
                                      runs and the barn) is only passable wearing wellington boots due to the path becoming a quagmire,
                                      especially during the winter.  The positions of the soakaways are not shown.

                                      Will this extra concentration of water lead to springs developing where the bank meets the road
                                      resulting a muddy/wet road surface? The water has to go somewhere.

 20/2506/CPE Nov 2020The Oaks
Certificate of lawfulness to establish lawful use of land and buildings at The
Oaks for equestrian purposes involving grazing, stabling, livery, riding school
and associated storage together with the commercial use of the indoor menage in connection with the equestrian use in breach of condition (C) of planning permission 77/C0741 in excess of 10 years
Awaiting Decision
                                 Council Comments:    Aylesbeare Parish Council strongly believes that The Oaks has NOT
                                                                    been a commercial business for 10 years consecutively.  
                                                                    Further explanation here.


 20/2395/FUL Nov 2020
Withen House
Withen Lane
Provision of cladding to main house and garage.
Approved 22nd Dec 2020


Council Comments


 Aylesbeare Parish Council has no comment to make regarding this application.

 20/2107/FUL Oct 2020
Minchin Court Farm
Minchin Lane
Replacement and enlargement of existing single storey rear extension,
construction of new single garage and replacement of existing outbuilding
with single storey annex.
Approved 7th Jan 2021


 Council Comments


Aylesbeare Parish Council have no comments to make regarding this application.

 20/1999/VAR Sept 2020
North Cottage
Variation of condition 2 of application no. 19/2803/FUL to allow amended
workshop/storage building design and position
Awaiting Decision.



 Council Comments


Aylesbeare Parish Council objects to this application.
The Council considers the amended workshop/storage building to be excessive in area and height for a domestic garage.  Furthermore there are no plans to replace/ restore the vegetation lost by this amendment.
 20/1618/FUL Sept 2020
Land To West Of B3180 between the existing houses Tatry and Panorama
West Hill
Proposed new two storey dwelling

Awaiting Decision.



 Council Comments


 Aylesbeare Parish Council objects to this application.
The plot is in open countryside on a site that has not previously had a building on it and has not been designated for development.  The proposed building would be contrary to Strategy 7 of EDDC's Local Plan and would set an unacceptable precedent if it was given planning permission.

Updated 13th Novemeber 2020
Aylesbeare Parish Council has read the architect's letter that refers to our earlier comments.
The Council notes the architect's objections but stands by its original comments.  
The land is agricultural and not designated for building on and all planning applications set precedents as applicants are always keen to give examples where approval has previously been given that matched their subsequent applications.
20/1890/FUL  Sept 2020
The Oaks Aylesbeare
Exeter EX5 2DE
Formation of outdoor menage

Withdrawn 28th Sept

 20/1273/FUL July 2020Lorams
Perkins Village
Conversion of garage/store with office over to Holiday LetApproved 1st Sept 20
 20/1361/MRES July 2020
Land East Of Antiques Complex, Harrier Court Industrial Estate,
Long Lane,
Clyst Honiton
Reserved matters application (access, appearance, landscaping, layout, and
scale) for the construction of a converter station with associated equipment and plant pursuant to the outline planning permission 16/2997/MOUT including provision of main site accesses, internal circulation/parking, and landscaping.
The full or partial discharge of conditions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 13
of the outline planning permission.
Approved 25th Nov 20
 20/0911/FUL May 2020
Rosamondford Farm
Perkins Village
Portal framed agricultural building for the storage of straw, hay, feed,
agricultural machinery

Approved 17th July 20


 May 2020

Withen Lane

Construction of single storey front, side & rear extension, front & rear dormer window with terrace & front porch. Provision of cladding to main house
Approved 30th July 20
 20/0228/FUL Feb 2020
Barns At Barton Farm
Village Way Aylesbeare
Conversion of 2 buildings into 5 dwellings with lanscaping and associated works.
Approved with 17 conditions 28th Sep 20


 January 2020
Land to the South of Rockbeare Hill, Marsh Green
Amendments to Solar Farm application previously submitted

Approved 30th July 20

 January 2020

North Cottage

Demolition of existing property and construction of new bungalow
 19/2832/MFUL January 2020
Land to the South of Rockbeare Hill, Marsh GreenProposed solar farm with an approx.  capacity of 15 MW for 40 years, comprising solar arrays, equipment housing, sub-station, fencing, CCTV
Approved 30th July 20


 May 2019The Nightjar, Village WayConstruction of raised deck to include 1.7 metre high privacy screen


 19/0100/FUL March 2019
Land North Of Martins Gate, Sidmouth Road
Change of use of agricultural land for
80 storage containers, & gravel surface

 19/0501/FUL March 2019
Littlefield, Oak Road, EX5 2DA
 Change of use from veterinary practice (Class D1) to offices (Class B1A)
 18/2131/FUL October 201821 Village Way Installation of rooflights to enable loft conversion Approved
 18/1700/FUL August 2018The Nightjar, Village Way Construction of raised deck Withdrawn 25.9.18
 18/1758/FUL July 2018Livermore Farm West facing 2 storey element extended to allow creation of first floor balcony and ground floor raised deck: new porch; removal of existing face fixed timber detailing; addition of 1 no chimney Grant of conditional 3.9.18
 18/1415/FUL June 2018Great Houndbeare Farm Change of use, alteration and extension of existing office to provide disabled holiday accommodation and office with staff accommodation over Grant of conditional 31.8.18
 18/1159/LBC May 2018 Nutwalls Replace four windows on rear (north) elevation and one window on side (east) elevation. Replace one door on front (south) elevation and one door on side (west) elevation Grant of LBC
 18/1031/OUT May 2018 Land adjacent to Glebe Farm Outline application for a permanent agricultural worker's dwelling (all matters reserved) Grant of outline
 18/1187/AGR May 2018 Oaklands Field, Sidmouth Road Agricultural storage building Granted
 18/0976/FUL April 2018 Brooklands, Sidmouth Road Retention of single storey detached annexe Grant of Conditional
 18/0550/LBC April 2018 Withen Farmhouse, Withen Lane Retention of various works to thatched outbuilding to include replacing floor and ceiling and the construction of partition walls to create toilet and re-wire Grant of Listed Building Consent
 18/0395/LBC March 2018 Quince Cottage, Village Way Replace render on front (west) elevation, replace one ground floor window on front (west) elevation and re-render internal walls Grant of Listed Building Consent
 18/0159/LBC March 2018 Minchin House, 39 Village Way Retention of 3 windows on north, south and west elevations and replace one window on north elevation Grant of Listed Building Consent
 18/0133/CPE January 2018 Apple Studio, Withen House, Withen Lane Occupation of Apple Studio as an independent dwelling continuously for more than 10 years Approved
 17/2881/FUL December 2017 Lane to Great Houndbeare Farm Change of use, alteration and extension of office building to create a disabled holiday letting unit and office 
 17/2616/FUL November 2017 Great Houndbeare Farm - lane to Great Houndbeare Farm Change of use of existing music room to bistro, including construction of a single storey extension with terrace over, for existing holiday lets Grant of conditional planning permission
 17/2478/TRE October 2017 3 The Chestnuts T1 Horse Chestnut: crown raise to 3.5 metres above ground level Approved
Adjacent parish
 August 2017 Roundhayes
Sidmouth Road
 Annexe extension Refused
 17/1677/LBC August 2017 Crossways Cottage, Village Way Replace garage door (in south elevation) with one window and one door Grant of Listed Building Consent
 17/1738/FUL August 2017 Applegarth House , Minchin Orchard Construction of single storey extension to rear Granted
 17/1748/HRN July 2017 Rill Farm Removal of 3.7 m section of hedgerow to create agricultural field access Refused
 17/1307/FUL Jun 2017 Wihen House, Withen Lane Construction of single storey side extension Approved
 17/1037/FUL May 2017 28 Village Way Construction of garden shed Approved
 17/0739/FUL April 2017 Hallscroft, Village Way Construction of single storey extension to rear Approved
 17/0261/LBC February 2017 Crossways Cottage, Village Way Replacement windows, replace door on front (east) elevation, replace garage door with recessed window and replace a skylight on rear (west) elevation and install a skylight on rear (west) elevation Approved
 17/0011/VAR January 2017 Great Houndbeare Farm Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 15/2061/VAR (revised layout) to allow changes to layout and design of solar farm and conditions 4, 5 and 6 to allow amended construction management plan Approval with conditions
(Rockbeare parish)
 January 2017 Land adjacent to Harrier Court Industrial Estate, Long Lane, Clyst Honiton Outline application with all matters reserved for the construction of a high-voltage DC converter station and associated infrastructure, Temporary construction of access road. Approved
 16/3068/TRE January 2017 Minchin House, 38 Village Way T1 Oak: Crown reduction as indicated within the submitted photographs Split decision
(Adjacent parish)
 November 2016 Moor View, Exmouth Road Proposed shower, toilet and laundry facilities for existing holiday park Approved
 16/1955/CM            (Adjacent parish) August 2016 Venn Ottery Hi, Venn Ottery Variation to conditions 3 and 19 of planning permission 97/P1558 to alter the working and restoration of the site Approved
 16/1316/FUL July 2016 Topshayes Farm, Oak Road Demolition of 2 storage barns and construction of a replacement agricultural storage buklding Granted
 16/1464/MFUL (adjacent parish) July 2016 Rockbeare Hill Replacement of existing manufacturing building with new factory building for precast concrete manufacturing (Use Class B2-General Industry) Approved
 16/1472/FUL July 2016 Lorams, Perkins Village Demolition of existing two storey dwelling and replacement with new two storey dwelling and basement with triple bay car port Approved
 15/2810/OUT June 2016 Greenfields, Sidmouth Road Demolition of existing farm buildings and construction of 3 detached dwellings and garages (outline application with all matters reserved) Refused
 16/1351/FUL June 2016 The Old School House, 24 Village Way Construction of single storey side extension Granted
 16/0985/LBC May 2016 Minchin House, 39 Village Way Construction of timber framed conservatory Granted
 16/1003/FUL May 2016 4 Minchin Orchard, Village Way Installation of fuel tank Granted
 16/0931/FUL April 2016 Savanna, Withen Lane Detached double garage Granted
 16/0528/FUL March 2016 53 Village Way Retrospective application for the erection of fencing around an existing parking space Approved
 15/2890/FUL January 2016Lorams, Perkins Village Change of use of land to form new driveway Approved
 16/0005/FUL January 2016 Rosamondford House, Perkin's Village Replacement of existing detached double garage with new single storey link extension and attached garage/outbuilding with basement Approved
 15/2893/FUL January 2016 2 Bicton Cottages, Village Way Removal of existing conservatory and replacement with single storey rear extension Approved
 DCC/3816/2015 April 2016 Blackhill Quarry To allow for the importantion of as-dug sand and gravel from Houndaller (Hillhead) Quarry for processing at Blackhill Quarry Granted
adjacent parish
 December 2015 Hill Crest, Rockbeare Hill Demolition of dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling and garaging Approved
 15/2137/OUT October 2015 Withen House, Withen Lane Outline application for the erection of dwelling with all matters reserved Refused - to Appeal which was dismissed
 15/2153/FUL September 2015 Little Houndbeare Farm Erection of stables Withdrawn
 15/2082/OUT September 2015 Lorams, Perkin's Village Outline application for replacement dwelling, detached garage and new access from highwayWithdrawn
 15/0266/FUL September 2015Aylesbeare Inn, Village WayDemolish current building and build three dwellings and one commercial unit (A2, A3,A4 and B1) with parking facilities.   Amended Plans



 DCC/3775/2015 adjacent parish September 2015Blackhill Quarry, WoodburyTo extend the life of the existing processing plant and settlement lagoon for a further five years up to 31 December 2021 to process imported sand and gravel from Straitgate Farm, Exeter Road, Ottery St MaryWithdrawn
 DCC/3774/2015 adjacent parish September 2015Straitgate Farm, Exeter Road, Ottery St MaryQuarry development for the extraction of sand and gravel extending to 40.23 ha including new site access onto Birdcage Lane at northern end of site, together with staff welfare facilities, car parking and wheelwash.Withdrawn
 15/1605/FUL September 2015Land north of Martin Gate (Oaklands Fields) Sidmouth RoadFormation of new agricultural access and track. Grant of conditional planning permission
 15/1390/VAR September 2015 55 Village WayRetention of garden shed (variation of condition 7 of planning permission 13/0360/FUL) Grant of conditional planning permission
 15/2171/VAR September 2015 Larksfield, Oak RoadVariation of condition 2 of planning permission 12/0747/FUL to amend the design and appearance of the proposed dwelling Granted
 15/2091/FUL September 2015 Honeysuckle Cottage, Nutwalls Court Construction of single storey extensions to rear elevation Granted
 15/2061/VAR September 2015 Great Houndbeare Farm, Oak RoadVariation of Condition 2 of planning permission 13/1390/MFUL to amend the approved plans to provide revised layout including reduction of fence height, removal of CCTV cameras, introduction of 4 no transformer cabinets and access roads, reduction in height of panels and revised dimensions to DNO substation.Grant of conditional planning permission
 15/2003/FUL September 2015 Elmdene, Within Lane Replacement garage and erection of annexe Refused - TO APPEAL
Appeal allowed
 15/1877/FUL August 2015 Savanna, Withen Lane Construction of single storey detached double garage Approved
 15/1424/FUL August 2015 North Cottage, Houndbeare Lane Detached single storey dwelling and detached garage Refused
 15/1722/LBC August 2015 The Old Farmhouse, Rosamondford Removal of sand and cement render on the exterior cob wall and replacement with lime render Approved
Adjacent parish
 June 2015 4 The Cottages, Perkins Village Proposed side extensions and alterations to roof and internal layout Approved
 15/1313/TRE June 2015 Minchin House, Village Way T2, Oak: Fell, T11, T12: Robinia fell,T14: Holly Fell, T15: Laurel Reshape by reducing branches on south side of tree by approx 2.1 metres Split decision: all approved except to Fell T2 Turkey Oak which was refused as it would have a significantly detrimental impact on the amenity and character of the village and the setting of the listed building
 DCC/3775/2015 June 2015 Blackhill Quarry, Woodbury, Exeter, EX6 1HD To extend the life of the existing processing plant and settlement lagoons for a further 5 years up to December 2021 to process imported sand and gravel from Straitgate Farm Withdrawn
 DCC/3774/2015 June 2015 Straitgate Farm, Exeter Road, Ottery St Mary, EX11 1LG Quarry development for the extraction of sand and gravel at Straitgate Farm extending to 40.23 ha including new site access onto Birdcage Lane at northern end of site, together with staff welfare facilities, car parking and wheelwash Withdrawn
 15/0667/LBC March 2015 Truants Cottage, Village Way Re-rendering of property and replacement of concrete and timber cills with slate cills and works to gable end wall Approved
 15/0266/FUL February 2015 Aylesbeare Inn Demolition of public house and construction of 3 no dwellings and one commercial unit (A2, A3, A4, B1 office)

 15/0303/FUL February 2015 Scotts PollardConstruction of conservatory and conversion of outbuilding to car port Approved
 15/0293/FUL February 20153 Withen Cottages, Withen LaneConstruction of ground floor and part first floor accommodation Approved
 15/0279/AGR February 2015 Land north of Martin Gate - land at Oaklands Field, Sidmouth RoadHay storage barn Permitted development - no approval necessary
 15/0260/COUJanuary 2015
adjacent parish
Linhayes, FarringdonRetrospective change of use from agricultural building to B2 business use (sign making) Approved
 15/0210/LBC January 2015Quince Cottage, Village WayRaise chimney stack to roadside/west elevation Approved
 15/0209/FUL January 2015Quince Cottage, Village WayRaise chimney stack to roadside/west elevation Approved
 14/2824/FUL December 2014 adjacent parishOaklands GarageDemolition and rebuilding of petrol filling station including enlarged shop unit and replacement canopy Approved
 14/2741/TRE December 20142 The Chestnuts T1 Oak: reduce canopy by thinning, removing 1-2m branch lengths making cuts up to 5cm in diameter Approved
 14/2772/FUL November 2014
adjacent parish
Environment Agency, Clyst HonitonConstruction of 3 pallet racks in depot Approved
 14/2573/COU November 2014
adjacent parish
Land lying to the west of Stable Lodge, RockbeareChange of use of part of general purpose agricultural building for storage and processing of timber (retrospective) Approved
 14/2775/FUL November 2014
 adjacent parish
Environment Agency, Clyst HonitonConstruction of steel framed storage unit Approved
 14/2782/FUL November 2014Ford Cottage, Perkin's VillageConstruction of first floor extension Approved
 14/2228/FUL September 2014St Mary's ChurchConstruction of new buttresses to support existing wall and construction of replacement building to house wc/garden room Approved
 14/2169/VAR September 2014Little Orchard, Withen LaneDeletion of condition no 4 to planning permission 77/0217 to remove the agricultural occupancy restriction to allow unrestricted occupation Withdrawn
 14/1622/VAR July 2014St Mary in the Willows, Harp LaneVariation of condition 2 of planning permission 13/1516/FUL to allow amendments to approved drawings including revised window design and alterations to proposed extensions Approved
 14/1587/FUL July 2014Scotts PollardDemolition of two storey and single storey extension and construction of two storey side extension and construction of roof over existing flat roof extension to rear Approved
 14/1278/FUL (Adjacent parish) June 2014Oakwood Farm, Sidmouth RoadConstruction of agricultural building for the storage of manure Approved
 14/1362/FUL June 2014Ford Cottage, Perkins VillageConstruction of garage with accommodation above Granted
 14/1301/COU June 2014Elmdene, Withen LaneConstruction of menage Granted
 14/1318/FUL May 2014Manor View FarmReplacement of existing porch with a conservatory Approved
 14/1215/FUL May 2014Mowhayes, Withen LaneReplacement garage Conditional approval
 14/1075/FUL May 2014Topshayes Farm, Oak RoadConstruction of roof over existing yard and silage store Conditional approval
 14/0765/FUL March 2014 Lorams, Perkin's VillageConversion of garage/store to annexe accommodation including external alterations and construction of extension to south elevation Conditional approval
 13/2745/FUL February 2014The Old Creamery, Perkin's VillageConversion of redundant buildings to 3 dwellings including demolition of modern outbuildings and provision of 6 parking spaces Refused
To Appeal
June 2014
 Adjacent parish
 February 2014Land west of Martin Gate (land at Lower Hawkerland), Sidmouth RoadErection of 2 day rooms in association with Romani gypsy site Approval with conditions
 13/2786/FUL January 2014Plot B, Bendarroch School, Village WayConstruction of detached dwelling Conditional approval
 14/0025/FUL January 201428 Village Way (Plot C)Change of use of former school playing field to residential curtilage associated with Plot C, Bendarrock School Approved
 13/1006/FULMay 2013 United Reform ChapelChange of use and conversion of chapel to residential use including construction of single storey side extension and balcony to rear (resubmission of 11/1794/FUL to introduce fire escape staircase and retention of rendered walls, reduced window opening sizes, UPVC windows, replacement porch, replacement barge boards, reduced roof overhang, re-roofing and changes top fenestration and balcony and omission of first floor windows in west elevation) Refused by EDDC July 2013
to Appeal -
the Enforcement Notice was quashed December 2014