Meeting Dates, Agenda & Minutes

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 at 7:30pm

To join the meeting please visit        

       enter    837 2442 4771


7.15pm  -  Open Public Forum   

Including a presentation from Alan Breckon (Planning Consultant) about the application to build a new property on the B3180 (21/0142/FUL).
If you want to raise an issue but are unable to join us, please email


Members of the Press and Public are welcome to attend this meeting in in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (1) (2). There no matters of a confidential and contractual nature for discussion under Part B (exclusion of press and public) at this meeting.





1  Apologies for Absence

2  Declarations of Interests in items on the Agenda

3  Chair’s remarks – Opening welcome from the Chairman.

4  Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 3rd Feb 2021 as a true & correct record.

5  Matters Arising
5.1  Completed
  – The following actions from the previous meeting have been completed.
9.2  Cllr Bailey advised that the moveable speed warning signs in West Hill had been effective and provided useful traffic data. She would report back on the costs.
  Cllr Trude will go back to the website suppliers to confirm their complete understanding of the Accessiblity Regs and also consider the Society of Local Council Clerks option provided by Cllr Thompson.
12.3  Action required to stop disintegration of the land on the corner between Withen Lane & Village Way to Minchin Lane..  Clerk to contact DCC
13.2  Clerk to sign Cllrs Warren and Branson up for the EDDC consultation focus groups.
14.1  Chairman & Cllr Bailey to identify the owners of Withybed Lane.
12.5  Clerk to invite the Head of Planning to the next Parish Council meeting.
15.1  Chairman to contact the owner of The Limes regarding plans for the telephone kiosk.

5.2  Ongoing – The following actions are ongoing.
6.2.1  Aylesbeare Properties not able to connect to Jurassic Fibre or BT  - Clerk identify any properties not connected as Aylesbeare risked being delisted from the Connecting Devon & Somerset tenders.
9.2  Clerk - Council resolved to buy some 30mph stickers for wheelie bins in the appropriate parts of the Parish (if residents were willing).
11.2  Council discussed if any Emergency Powers should be delegated to the Clerk, Chairman or Vice-Chairman in preparation for future difficulties.  Clerk to draw up the wording.

Cllrs Thompson & Trude to complete redraft of the Emergency Plan.
12.4  The Council resolved to obtain more sandbags and distribute throughout the Parish (Clerk)
13.1  Cllr Branson advised that there were 2 versions of Aylesbeare’s Neighbourhood Plan which
he would go through and see which was the best.

 6  Reports of County and District Councillors – Cllr Claire Wright (DCC) and Cllr Jess Bailey (EDDC)

7  Playing Field, Play Area Lease and s106 Funding
To discuss the play area plans in the light of the Annual Inspection and decide the nest steps.
7.2  To discuss the goalposts and authorise expenditure on materials/repairs if appropriate.
7.3  To discuss whether to use The Play Inspection Company in future and join their rolling repeat inspection service.

8  Grass Cutting & Lengthsman
To decide the next steps in this process and whether to invite tenders.  NB The StreetScene contract expires before the next meeting.  

9  Litter
To discuss any further action to combat serial littering with empty beer cans around Harp Lane.

10  Flooding
To discuss the drain on the corner of Withen Lane and Village Way/Minchin Lane.
10.2  To discuss the flooding on Footpath 16 (Minchin Lane)

11  2021 Census
To discuss any action necessary for the Census on Sunday 21st March 2021.

12  Planning
12.1  EDDC A New Local Plan for East Devon  - 
To decide on the Council’s comments for this consultation (to be submitted by noon on 15th March).
12.2  21/0142/FUL New Property on Land to the West of B3180  -  To decide the Council’s comments on the application.
12.3 21/0318/FUL 2 Storey Extension to Old School House (retrospective)  -  To decide the Council’s comments on the application.
12.4 21/0300/FUL New Garage replacing Shed at 3 Withen Cottages  -  To note that the Council made the following comment – ‘Aylesbeare Parish Council has no objection to this application’.

13  Finance
Council to note the current balances as follows -

Current Account         £ 6710.82, less uncashed cheques (1172.85)  =         £   5537.97

                                                            Reserve Account                                 £   4847.80

                                                            Recreation Fund Account                   £     694.46

                                                                                                Total               £ 11080.23


13.2  Council to authorise the payments listed.

To DALC for invoices 2563 (£36) & 2587 (£18) both Cllr Thompson                         £      54.00

To The Play Inspection Company Ltd for Annual Inspection (Invoice no. 45539)     £     150.00

To J P Roberts (Clerk) for pay                                                                                      £  221.75

To DCC Pension Fund                                                                                                 £     12.18

To HMRC for PAYE Income Tax                                                                                  £      43.10


14  Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 7th April 2021.
14.1  Council to decide whether to meet online or at the Village Hall.
14.2  Council to decide whether to write to object to in person meetings returning in May 2021.



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