Meeting Dates, Agenda & Minutes

Next Meeting:    2nd September 2020

Open Public Forum 7:15pm

Meeting 7:30pm

Prior to each Parish Council meeting there is a period of public participation of 15 minutes when then, and only then, anyone may speak unless invited to do so by the Chairman during the meeting.              

All Minutes shown are in draft form and are ratified by the Council at the following month's meeting. Parish Council meetings commence at 7.30 pm and are normally held in the Village Hall.

The Annual Parish Meeting commences at 7pm.

Agenda for Online Meeting on 15th July 2020   

You are called upon to attend a meeting of Aylesbeare Parish Council to be held virtually (as permitted by Statutory Instrument 2020/392) on Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 7:30pm. 

The web address for the meeting is

If you are unable to access the internet you can join the meeting by using any of these telephone numbers
0203 901 7895                 or 0131 460 1196            or 0203 481 5237

You will need to enter the meeting number

848 383 12666

And then press #

The business to be transacted at the meeting is set out in the agenda below, all supporting documentation is published on the website:

 Yours faithfully

J P Roberts, Clerk to the Council 



          Open Public Forum – 7.15pm

1.            Apologies for Absence

2.            Declarations of Interests in items on the Agenda

3.            Amendments to Standing Orders - Council to amend Standing Orders to allow for remote
                                                                     meetings.           See Supporting Documentation

4.            Ratification of Decisions Made Under Covid19 Lockdown - Urgent decisions taken via email while Council Meetings were suspended due to Covid19 lockdown to be ratified by Council                                                                                                                                             See Supporting Documentation

5.            Chairman’s remarks – Opening Welcoming and Jurassic Fibre and Broadband
                                                                                               See Supporting Documentation

6.            Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 4th March 2020
                                                                                               View Minutes Here

7.            Matters Arising:
          5.1 MA(b)  The Chairman will put up the waterproof Footpath Parish map on the noticeboard.
          5.2 MA(d)   Flooding & Drainage – Chairman to gather evidence with Cllr Branson & Cllr Warren and
          write to DCC seeking a meeting if necessary.
          Clerk to submit the Drainage Responsibilities information to Topics to consider for publication.
          5.3 MA(g)  Councillors Contacts – Councillors to consider which details they would like displayed on the   
          7 Speeding Traffic in Village Way - Clerk to contact Woodbury Parish Council who have just completed
          training.                                                                         See Supporting Documentation
          10 Planning - 20/0228/FUL: Barns at Barton Farm – Clerk to advise EDDC
          11 Operation London Bridge - Clerk to investigate purchase of book and wording of message for
          noticeboards and website

8.            Reports of County and District Councillors – Cllr Claire Wright (DCC) and Cllr Jess Bailey (EDDC)

9.            Greater Exeter Strategic Plan
To consider any comments we would like to make to the Strategic Planning Committee regarding
           consultation as per Cllr Bailey’s email of 29th June              View the Email Here

10.           Planning
           10.1 - 20/1361/MRES – Land East of Antiques Complex, Harrier Court Industrial Estate
                                       Council to decide on comments to be made to the Planners
           10.2 – 20/173/FUL – Lorams, Perkins Village  
                                        Council to decide on comments to be made to the Planners
           10.3 – 19/0055/RES – Land Adjacent Glebe Farmhouse, Harp Lane
                                        To discuss concerns raised with the Chairman and by the Vice-Chairman
                                         re. compliance with Planning conditions.

11.           Playing Field and Play Area Lease
            To resolve to renew the lease.

12.           s106/CIL Money
            To discuss the meeting with EDDC on 9th March and plans to use the money available.
                                                                                                       See Supporting Documentation

13.           Vacancy for a Parish Councillor
To discuss the latest volunteer to join the Council                 See Supporting Documentation

14.            Footpaths
To discuss action on the footpaths affected by closures          See Supporting Documentation

15.           Grass Cutting
To discuss action on the grass cutting, especially on the playing field
                                                                                                     See Supporting Documentation

16.           Defibrillator
To decide which signs to buy for the defibrillator                    See Supporting Documentation

17.           Covid19 & A.L.E.R.T.
             To discuss the vulnerable residents, the volunteers and the action taken.

18.            Flooding
To address the blocked culvert at Minchin Lane                      See Supporting Documentation

19.             Finance
             17.1 Current balances as at 29th June 2020
Current Acct       £ 6405.33 – Uncashed chqs £ 751.64 – July’s direct debit to BT £54.24 = £ 5599.45          Reserve Acct      £ 4847.52            Recreation Fund Acct     £ 694.39
Total £ 11,141.36
17.2 To approve payments as follows
                17.2.1 Payment to Will Thomas for defibrillator and associated costs                      £ 406.14
17.2.2 Payment to Vision ICT for hosting email for Sept 2020 to August 2021         £    21.60
17.2.3 Payment to EDDC for yearly rents on the Playing Field & Play Area               £    50.00
17.2.4 Clerk’s interim wages & receipted expenses for April, May & June                £   652.23
Peninsula Pensions £203.50 & HMRC £150                See Supporting Documentation
17.2.5 Devon Association of Local Councils for annual subscription(Inv. 1897)         £  133.28

20.         Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 2nd September 2020 


Members of the Press and Public are welcome to attend this meeting in in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (1) (2). There are no matters of a confidential and contractual nature for discussion under Part B (exclusion of press and public) at this meeting.



 Minutes of Recent Meetings
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Older minutes are available on our Archived Minutes Page
Copies of the signed minutes are available on request from the Clerk.

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